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  • Playmobil Themes

    Playmobil accessories and spare parts themes, playmobil character

  • Playmobil Accessories

    All Playmobil accessories to accessorize your Playmobil scenes. Add items to your Playmobil collection or make your children happy.

  • Playmobil Spare Parts

    Discover our spare parts for Playmobil. Find your Playmobil spare parts that your children lost or embellish your collection.

  • Create your own...

    Create a Playmobil Character from scratch with Collectormania. A Playmobil 1900, Romans, make your children happy with a unique Playmobil!

  • Lego

    The LEGO category will allow you to enrich your Legos figures with LEGO characters and spare parts.

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